Friday, September 20, 2013

What is this week?

Last Friday night I got home late. too late to justify feeding the dogs. It was already bed time, If I did it now they would wake up at 2am needing to go outside, and we were both exhausted so we wouldn't hear them. Then we would wake up to disaster. I don't need that in my life. So I decided to feed them early Saturday morning, after we've all been well rested.

Well Saturday morning came along and I went to feed the dogs, and Roxy took her dinner off to her special eating spot, because that's what she does. And then she dropped it and walked away.

That is not normal.

I begged and pleaded with her to eat something, and she would only eat the smallest of bites, and then she was done. This continued for the rest of the weekend.

By sunday night, she had eaten maybe 1 bite of food, lapped up an ounce or so of pumpkin and milk, and we "force fed" her about a cup of chicken broth*. She kept that down for an hour. So we have her another cup and a half.
Bad idea. She barfed it all up.

Her skin was showing signs of dehydration. This could mean obstruction.

Monday she went to the vet. Lab tests, xrays etc.
They couldn't find anything wrong with her. They put her on IV fluids and said "lets wait and watch"
I spend all day worried sick. Monday evening they called me to say she seemed to be improving. She spent the night at the Vet's office on IV fluids.

Monday night I was exhausted still, after having not slept soundly all weekend. So I went to bed at 8:30pm
I woke up at 7am Tuesday to move my car so someone else could get out of the driveway.
Something was wrong.

Why are those things in my seat? They're supposed to be right over there.
Wait. There are other things that are supposed to be there. THERE ARE LOTS OF OTHER THINGS THAT ARE SUPPOSED TO BE THERE! MY CAR WAS BROKEN INTO!
Of course, I had kept everything in my car the night before. My purse, My wallet, My cash, MY FAVORITE SHOES, MY PSP LIMITED EDITION SLIM WITH ALL THE GAMES

They took it all.
I got a phone call from the vet. Roxy is doing much better. She even ate something eagerly.

Eventually after dealing with police and calling to cancel all my cards, I was told that mine was one of 7 in the neighborhood that got broken into. Neat.

Eventually I made it to work that day. Then the power went out at work.
So I left work.

Wednesday I got to work early.
It was my 3rd wedding anniversary.
The internet wasn't working. After 5 hours of fighting with a server that wouldn't boot, running repair utilities, which overwrote all of the network settings, resetting all of the things, I finally got the office up and running - I left for lunch.

Thursday I was told of a family member in the hospital.

Now it's Friday.
Today will be a good day. If it kills me.

*Note: I do not support actual force feeding of your dog for many many reasons, when I say I "force fed," I mean we used a syringe to squirt it in her mouth, she did all the swallowing herself.