Saturday, February 5, 2011

Are you kidding me?

I've been sick all week.
It started Monday morning on my way to work with the strangest feeling in my lungs.. a wheezy inflammation feeling.
By noon Monday I was at my parents house with a fever and for all intents and purposes, a zombie.

I faded in and out of zombieness all week, and finally saw the light of day Friday.

Well then this morning i was getting my mess together, got up early to go to Raleigh to go to the dentist, got literally a couple blocks away and BAM!

I was rear ended.

It took me a second to figure out what happened, but the guy kept going on and on asking us not to call the cops. I was hurt, but would have been ok just handling it thru the insurance except that he would NOT shut up about it.
So Shane asked the guy "do you have warrants? is that why you dont want us to call the cops?"
and the guy says "yes"

So naturally I called the cops and told them that this guy had warrants.
So i call the guys insurance company, figure out all the paperwork, the cops come, take the statements blahblahblah.

Come to find out, OlBoy does NOT have warrants, but is driving with a suspended license. (awesome)

They cuff him and we move on with our day.
Except the dentist was full by the time we got there (first come first serve)

After an hour or so my neck is really starting to bother me, so i went to the ER. They said it seemed to just be muscular from the whiplash, nothing major, but it's gonna hurt for a few days and they gave me pain meds and muscle relaxers. (yay)

So thats the story of how my Saturday went.

Hope yours is better!!

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