Saturday, January 14, 2012

peacock wedding stuff.

Taking a break for the normal posts to share some pics of the cool stuff we did for our wedding last year. The concept was all my idea, but with the help of an excellent team of vendors and an excellent photographer, we got these fun shots to share!

First - I wanted a traditional white dress, but I also wanted a little fun. Peacock blue shoes FTW!

 For the cake, again I wanted traditional with a little fun. So we continued the peacock theme in white piping. This was actually barely visible to the naked eye unless you got really close. A neat effect. The castle and the figurine below (sleeping beauty and prince phillip - from my favorite disney movie of all time) are by Jim Shore. We went to Disney World for out honeymoon, so that's the connection.

All stationary was done at - this was our menu cards. They turned out great!

The flowers at our sweetheart table were on a smaller scale than the other tables. perfect!

We made little birdseed favors for everybody. Sweet and simple!

My bouquet
 My hubby's corsage
My favorite flower shot of the day!

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