Thursday, November 29, 2012

well hello there!

I have so many things to update in here. I have fallen so far behind.
for one, i made bacon butterscotch cookies back in the summer. That's right. bacon and butterscotch.. they were to die for. You have to make them.

for two - we FINALLY got new floors in the house. you'll have to see those too.

then we had our annual Halloween party, which requires showing of photos.

Then Hubby was very sick for a while, and was in the hospital for almost a whole week. He's improving now, and is now back to working his regularly irregular schedule, but that put a big damper on the "getting things done that might be blogworthy" stuff.

For FIVE: I have tried/developed some pretty spectacular recipes as of late, and you should know them.

my baby sister had a parisian themed birthday party in May. it was AWESOME. I made rose flavored marshmallows, among other things. You'll see. You'll love it all.

But i promise to update about all of them because i need to get them out of the way so that i can get started on:
*drumroll please*

Christmas dinner is at my house this year because of Hubby's crazy work schedule. So far, I've planned to revisit my delish GREEN VELVET CAKE, only this time making both red and green for the holiday (aren't i clever?). I'm also going to try one of the aforementioned new recipes on my unsuspecting family, because it's aaaaahmazing, and also because the ingredients happened to be on sale this week *yay*

and Hubby's sister is GETTING MARRIED IN OCTOBER! yes it's a ways away, but i have crafty things to do in the mean time. there will be posts!

AAAAND my sister is getting married the following May!! that's even more of a ways away, but again, there are things to do in the mean time, and there will be more posts!

Alright, so that's it. Once again, i apologize for falling off the wagon, but i'm getting back on it, and you will see lots of things.

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  1. Well, hello there! It's been awhile, but looking forward to reading what you have in the works. :-)