Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ash Wednesday Part B - and valentine's suspence

Usually I don't start Lent until I've gone to the Lenten Service in my town every year, and that's at 7pm on Ash Wednesday. I think it's a good way to kind of open up your mind and let some guidance in, and I usually get some inspiration on what to do for lent while i'm there. This year, as mentioned in my previous post, I'm expecting to struggle until the last minute.

This year I have to go alone, which is especially difficult for me, as I am NOT a "show up by myself" kind of girl.
Especially because I *KINDOF* know these people, which is worse than not knowing them. If they were strangers then I could ignore them and they could ignore me, and I could be there and then leave and there would be no follow up. In, Out, Done. left with my own thoughts, just like I like it.

Also - this service is not at "our" church. it's a town-wide service usually held at a different church with different ways of doing things that i'm just not as familiar with. It's a step out of the box for me, and I find myself struggling to keep up with what's happening sometimes. I don't dislike it, I'm just not used to it and have to pay extra attention.
Anyway - Hubby gets home from work a little after midnight, and i'm supposed to report back to him, and i'm a little overwhelmed by my assignment. Maybe I can find some way of videotaping the whole thing..

Also, Valentine's day is tomorrow. It's Hubby's turn to plan our night, and the only clue I've gotten is that I don't need to dress up. Very mysterious. I can't wait :)

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